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  1. I never once thought she was innocent. Seems to me, that the Innaedsion officials were waiting for them. Plus the bag with the marijuana in it, was the same size as the boogie board bag. Also why take a boogie board to Bali, you can buy cheap ones over there.


  2. Thanks so much for those wise words. People who change the world are neither bitter nor rebellious; they’re enthusiastic. Sad to say that a lot of valuable non-conformity is lost between the Scylla of rebelliousness and the Charybdis of bitterness.


  3. Maybe the Derb made a calculation like this :- On the one hand, I have mixed race children, I'm employed by Jews and I'm misleading people by telling them there is no Jewish problem.- On the other hand, I educate people about the need to resist race replacement.- On the whole, I'm much more help than a hindrance to the White race.–He gets on my nerves, but he is certainly helping the cause of White people.


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